GoodSync (Repack & Portable) is a simple and reliable program for backing up and synchronizing files. Allows you to automatically synchronize e-mail, contacts, photos, music and other important files between desktop and laptop computers, Windows Mobile devices, removable drives, create backups on FTP and WebDAV servers.

GoodSync Backup

Key features of the program:
• Bidirectional synchronization – automatically detects and correctly synchronizes creation, deletion
and all other changes to files and folders.
• Unidirectional Synchronization – a convenient and reliable backup tool.
• Correct definition of deletions.
• Chain synchronization for multiple devices.
• High speed, low hardware requirements
• Can synchronize any two folders located on the local Windows disk, Windows server
(SMB), FTP server, WebDAV server, Secure FTP server (SSH), Amazon S3 server.
• Can sync files between Windows Mobile Phone or Pocket PC devices (Windows CE)
and a desktop computer.
• Selective File Sync: Inclusion and Exclusion Filters.
• Encryption using EFS
• Compression in NTFS
• Copy locked files using the Volume Shadow Copy service.
• There is an option to copy the security attributes of the NTFS Access Control List (ACL).
• Copy speed limitation
• Integrated Unix Diff for line-by-line comparison of text files.
• When backing up to a Secure FTP or WebDAV + SSL file system, all files are transferred
in encrypted form.
• Case sensitivity. You can synchronize with case-sensitive Internet servers.

Features Repack GoodSync Enterprise:
1. Installing the program combined in one distribution kit or unpacking the portable * (from the developer) version
2. No registration required (pawel97 license generator)
3. Multilingual interface (including Russian / supplemented by Big_Bizon &
4. Picks up external settings.reg and * .xml settings files (if located next to the installer)

Title Release: GoodSync (Repack & Portable)
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
OS: Windows
Isoo Backup Portable

System Requirements:   Windows XP / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10


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