Most maximum of the time we involve ourselves while choosing how to project our ideas on the artistic area. This begins as a brief thought starts overflowing with stress related to our influences and life experiences inherited from general knowledge, which leads us to an overload of ideas. We don’t understand when it’s enough, or even worse when it’s too much.

 The use of art as a method of expression allows us infinite possibilities, a message can be given using tons of elements fused in one artwork as shown in pop art or artistic media as music with elaborated pieces in different keys and time signatures; many times we think that adding more elements to the message makes it easier to be understood, on the other hand, this can overload said message and turn it in something so confusing that it completely strays from its initial purpose. Some are born gifted with the ability to add as many elements (chords, draw, more complex words, painting techniques, etcétera.) In just one artwork. Metaphors, struggles, but at the end of the day, it turns out to be a valid way of expression for any artist with a bunch of ideas in mind.


What Is MOZOX?

Mozox is a blockchain-based platform designed to provide decentralization of operations, sustainability and effective increase for businesses, shop keepers, retailers, hotels, etc. MozoX has been in survival for over three years and has worked in achieving its goal in the business world.

MozoX has developed its application which is fit with android, apple and desktop devices.



The mozox ecosystem wants the mozox application, the mozox token and a special sensor beacon for its service.

These applications and special sensor beacon enable clients to relate with the store and trading venues in a very unique way and also help businesses grow and efficiently manage their foot traffic.

A business or shop owner is required to install the mozox application on his/her device and also special sensor beacon in its business venue. The business owner then uses the mozox application to build a mozox token airdrop for its venue.

When a buyer or customers who are registered on the mozox ecosystem sees the airdrop on it map using the mozox app, the customers check for the airdrop items such as venue, date, time, product or services offered. He/she then goes to the business or shop venue.

Once the special sensor beacon records the presence of the customer’s app through the Bluetooth of his/her device. The customers are automatically paid with the mozox token for visiting, purchasing. and going around the business or shop venue

Moreso, the is more advantageous for customers who purchase with the mozox token.

To develop a great loyalty method in the mozox ecosystem discount, bonuses, gifts, and more mozox token are given to customers, especially the regular ones.

Currently, the over 38,000 stores and businesses that have adopted the mozoX ecosystem for the use which implies that every mozox token owner has access to all the products and help offered in the 38,000 stores and businesses.

The mozox ecosystem is also beneficial to country tourism, a country with a place of value could create an airdrop for its tourism. The airdrop act as an inspiration motivating more flow of potential tourists to the country thus boosting its economy.

Partner And Partner Benefits: 

Features in this Alpha release:

  • Supports BTC, ETH and MOZO token
  • Transaction history
  • Query wallet balance
  • Backup and restore wallet
  • Support Android and iOS

Exactly, we have developed, tested and launched (1) MozoX, a liquid, tradeable, and exchangeable cryptocurrency, at the heart of this new universal loyalty program network; (2) consumer and business apps each of which has a in-built digital wallet that can earn, hold, and redeem rewards globally and across merchants, wherever the internet connects you; and (3) signed contracts, and MoUs with partners to roll out 90,000 merchant locations globally, in support of 13 million of consumers in 8 countries over the next 3 years. With MozoX, consumers are turned into customers driven to retailers that offer and accept MozoX. Armed with MozoX, merchants will have the most effective and efficient loyalty program available, all under a business model that can be best described as the “Token of Discovery”

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