We are Know Great Information the Best 5 Future Technology

We are living in the era of modern science and here Technologies are rapidly growing and changing. Start-Ups are also taking effect in our daily life. Making our life easy. We already have the drone, Self Driven Cars, Google Glass, Smart Phones. But the question is which technologies are going to make big differences in the future?

Tech School Defined 5 Top such technologies which can make differences in the future. Let’s have a look.

The Internet of Things

Still, IoT is a difficult concept to many people, what IoT actually is? The Internet of things is basically an electronic device integrated with the advance objectives. This device can grave data and send that to the user which generally can’t see an open eye. Not even that also you can control your objective from remotely or scheduled time even you are busy.

These kinds of device already being used for Home, Transportation. Not only that it is spreading its application on Health and Exercise. At Pollution and Waste Management and you will also see its application. And so many businesses will run based on IoT.


When someone is talking about Cryptocurrency what you think first? BitCoin comes on our mind first, right? We all know at 2017 BTC make a big jump on the price chart and you know that makes tech giants interested to invest in Cryptocurrency. It has been saying Cryptocurrency will be the future technology next generation currency, by whom you can do any kind of transaction, starting from groceries.

Amazing feature of Cryptocurrency are following:

Firstly, it is not controlled by any central authority. Also, it is easier for transactions. It has very low-cost money transfers. Lastly, it makes private transactions.

Artificial Intelligence

This is probably the most awaiting technologies in this era. We have habituated this technology in Si-Fi movies like Avenger Movie. If you look, the IoT, IT and Cybersecurity firms already being adopted Artificially Intelligence. But the foundation of AI technology built in 1950 by Neural Networks. AI is capable of work with Big Data sets, Complex calculation, and Automation.

This technology also opens up our mind to utilize our common sense, Intuition, Creativity, Empathy, and Versatility.

Here is some example of using AI technology:

>> Energy Forecasting

>> Manufacturing Optimization

>> Wildlife Consecration

>> Speech recognition

>> Ability to manipulate and move objects

5G Network

This amazing technology is known as 5th generation technology. This is the only cellular network which can provide broadband service. South Korea is the first country who successfully deploy this technology in April 2019. Germany is expecting 5G spectrum in June 2019. Also, they are hoping 5G coverage to98 percent by 2022. Also, Argentina expects 5G around the end of 2019.

In Russia, Huawei already signed a deal to deploy 5G technology after Google Huawei scam. At the other hand Taiwan targeting 5G network in January 2020. In the meanwhile, India is aiming to deploy 5G in 2021. Not even that, Australia, Japan, and the United States are aiming in 2020 to deploy the 5G network. I think this really great news for the next generation, isn’t it?

Here are some future technology uses of 5G networks that can change the world:

>> It is designed to controlled more device then the other generation networks.

>> It has the lightening speed nearly broadband

>> Low energy consumption but Costly

>> Support for many devices in small areas, and

>> Low latency (milliseconds),


This is not really the next the future technology generation of technology. The application of Automation already achieved. But this is very true that its application will increase far more. Because Automation technology achieves minimal human assistance and maximum production. And this inspires the industrial owners to use Automation technology more and more.

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